Dept of Biology
Biotechnology Certificate Program


John L. McKillip, Ph.D.                  
Associate Professor

Department of Biology
Ball State University

Educational Background

Ph.D., 1997 (Microbiology)
Washington State University

Professional Background

Ball State University, 2003
Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Biology, Louisiana Tech University, 1999-2003
Postdoctoral Associate, Mississippi State University, Dept of Food Science & Technology ( with M.A. Drake) 1997-1999

General Research and Interest Areas

General:  Molecular Food Safety.
Development of DNA and RNA-based methods for pathogen detection in foods.  Conventional, multiplex, and real-time PCR approaches to detect Bacillus spp. in dairy products and other foods.  DNA fingerprinting (rep-PCR), SYBR Green-based melt curve analyses, fluorescent molecular beacons, and real-time RNA amplification (NASBA - nucleic acid sequence-based amplification) to monitor enterotoxin gene expression in Bacillus cereus in contaminated foods.  

Courses Currently Teaching

BIO 113  ( Microbiology for Allied Health Sciences)
BIO 213  ( Microbiology)
BIOT 491/591  (PCR & RT-PCR)


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